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Featured How to create a Brand Style Guide for your Ecommerce Business The ultimate guide on how to build a strong Ecommerce Branding Booklet. This detailed guide will take you through the most important steps and explain what to do, and what not
How to build a connected and informed team in your health business We’re living in a new world when it comes to work. More and more employees either need to work from... Modern Visual selected as a HubSpot Advanced CMS Implementation Partner On the second of September, 2020, we received the email we had all been waiting for. Modern Visual... Modern Visual Podcast Episode 3 - Short Term vs Long Term in Marketing Luke Trewin and Joe Stevens discuss the difference between Short Term & Long Term strategies for... Modern Visual Podcast Episode 2 - Social Media in 2019 Luke Trewin and Joe Stevens discuss the Social Media marketing landscape in 2019 and offer insights... Modern Visual Podcast Episode 1 - MV's Journey So Far Here is the first episode of the Modern Visual Podcast. MV's owner Luke Trewin explain his journey... Making Your Business The Best Version It Can Be A lot of businesses have a great level of success, whether it be after five years or 20 years. The... What Makes Copy, Good? In a world where bloggers and content writers are found almost everywhere, it’s hard to distinguish... Internet Creators on the Ropes - Article 13 Explained The EU's new copyright directive may change the internet as we know it forever, which could see... Website Maintenance Know-How Much like a car and regular servicing, your website will require routine maintenance throughout its... The Downside of DIY Websites In today’s fast paced online environment, it’s so easy to be tempted by DIY website building...