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branding and how to use it with landing pages

Branding Tips for your Health Sector Business

We are almost at the end of 2020,and not denying it's been a very challenging one, but we'll get through this! During the last few months have you looked back at your business brand to assess if your core message has made connections and built leads in the health sector?



This year has heavily focused on health and well-being. Most people have focused on how to navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic, with their own health at the front of their minds. The health sector and industry has been pushed to the forefront with the population and other industries at some point researching various health services and products. With this being said, how have you harnessed this shift of focus? 

Is your visual brand still on point or is it looking a bit tired and confusing? 

The main aim of developing your brand is to convey a clear visual of what your business is and what you offer. Branding is not just a logo, your colour palette, business stationery and signage. Developing a brand incorporates many other factors which all come together to communicate your overall message. Other factors to consider are:

Your business language :
Are you wanting to connect to the corporate community or to the everyday consumer? Big business or small to medium enterprise? Do you want to be seen in a serious manner or in a more approachable way that appeals to your local community to come and use your health services? 
These questions are the core beginning of working out your brand and will determine the type of written language that will be used in your social media, website, campaign landing pages, blogs and marketing emails and your advertising material.

A good question to ask yourself is... 'Why do I think of my favourite business,service or product over another brand?' Chances are its because they are using the correct business language that relates to YOU !

Whilst we are on this subject, have a look at your fonts. Typography is just as important as the language you use. For instance, you wouldn't use a comical or decorative font for a medical or health service, instead a traditional or minimalist font selection would be a more suitable choice. Just as a fun,freestyle and vibrant font would be more suitable for a well-being product or community based health enterprise. Choose your fonts wisely, also check if you can easily ready them at different sizes and will they be able to be replicated on different applications easily like signage, uniforms, product labels and packaging. Another tip is to select a secondary font that can be used and is compatible and available to use online for your website, landing pages, product instructions, emails and blog and marketing materials.

MV_hubspot_500x500px_size_branding 2Your business visuals:
So you have your logo and stationery all matching for marketing & sales related business connections, but how relatable are the other visuals you may be using for your business advertising and website? A stock image or photo can be just as powerful as the wording. To keep your branding consistent consider stock imagery that matches your business language and another key tip is to choose imagery that conveys a touch of your business colours, reinforcing your brand. Some businesses have chosen to fully embrace this option and will only use stock photos or apply digital touches that are fully in their colours with no room for secondary choices. This approach is entirely decided on the type of audience and marketing you want to promote. 

Illustration has made a big comeback over the last few years too and there are many styles of illustration to consider. For a more corporate approach you would choose illustrations that have clean lines, not too cluttered and minimalist. For a business that has a relaxed approach you would consider illustrations that are free flowing, vibrant, appear hand drawn and friendly. Reviewing these two elements will enhance your visual presence and add to your already developed collateral and online platforms.

Building your brand on the digital platform.

MV_hubspot_500x500px_size_branding 1How effective is your online presence? Have you discovered in your assessment that your social media platforms are not matching to your website branding and marketing campaigns for your landing pages? 

An effective overall brand ensures all assets of your business communicate a clear message. Think of your website, social media, landing pages, blog and emails as an extension to your medical business or health service. Develop a brand that can easily be adapted to all platforms easily because your audience may not always find you via your website or printed material first. Easily adaptable graphics and assets also speed up the development of future campaigns or on the moment marketing decisions, when you quickly need to swivel your direction or appeal to an additional audience and time is of the essence. The idea is to build a collection of branding assets to use on multiple on-line platforms and over time to keep adding to your businesses digital library.

Lets discuss landing pages as one particular digital platform. These are an extension of your digital marketing campaign, website and on-line presence. The key purpose of a landing page is to provide the viewer an offer or to invite them to move forward to the next decision of making contact with your business, or sharing your service to their own community by inviting others to connect with you. Landing pages are also useful in gathering valuable data about the visitor by inviting them to fill out secure tailored forms that in turn help your business or service learn about your audience. It is important your landing page visually links to all your other branding, giving the potential client or customer confidence in reaching out to you and wanting to know more about your services, products or offer.

Landing pages don't need to be complicated, in fact the more to the point they are to your audience the better, as it will encourage them to make a quick decision. Keep your landing page to your business colour palette, select a few relevant visuals being, royalty-free stock imagery, professional photos of your team (after seeking approval from your team), products or services or digital illustrations and/or elements and your keep the business language clear, approachable and informed. A landing page that closely reflects your website, gives a smooth transition providing a strong presence in the digital world. Its also important to review that your landing pages are responsive, meaning that they can be viewed on any device without formatting going off balance or key messages being left out.

Need help to determine what may be beneficial to enhance your medical or health related service or products?

The team at Modern Visual will work closely with you through several tailored steps to assist and guide you to help you make informed decisions on what to achieve next. Our approach is to empower you to feel confident about your brand and the different digital platforms you may be considering or already use.